This course aims to identify intersections between three critical approaches to the literary culture of the long Romantic period: book history, theories of feeling, and cognitive studies. These perspectives on the literary period that witnessed the flourishing of the novel and the innovations of Romantic poetry will inform discussions about the link between the printed page and forms of consciousness, the materiality of genre and literary voice, and connections between the history of the novel and the history of the emotions.  Our readings will draw heavily on the resources of Rare Books and Special Collections, whose original and early editions will serve as materials for student projects. We will discuss novels by Henry Mackenzie, Thomas De Quincey, William Godwin, Jane Austen, and Mary Shelley. While prose is the designated focus of the course, our study of original editions will also address poetry, and Lyrical Ballads in particular, as it is framed and infiltrated by prose in prefaces and notes. We’ll read critical work by Jerome McGann, Adela Pinch, Deidre Lynch, Alan Richardson, and others.