(Not teaching Fall 2023)


The Art of Information: Culture and History through Diagrams, Graphs, and Maps (honors seminar) UofSC  description

Giovanni Battista Piranesi and 19c European Literature, Architecture, and Cartography (Comparative Literature / Art History / English special topics) UofSC  description

Frankenstein: Sources, Revisions, Influence (honors seminar) UofSC  description

Piranesi and Romanticism: Architecture and the Literary Imagination (honors seminar) UofSC   description

Critical Reading and Composition (first-year) UofSC  description

English Literature Survey (200-level) UofSC  description

Reorienting Plot: Maps and Fiction (English special topics) UofSC  description

Jane Austen (senior seminar) Penn State  description

The Romantics (400-level) Penn State  description


The Printed Text in Deconstruction, Book History, and Digital Humanities (UofSC) description

Reading, Thinking, and Feeling in the Romantic Period (UofSC) description

Race in British Romanticism (Penn State) description

Image: “Arbre généologique” from l’Encyclopédie of Diderot and d’Alembert